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The list of pole vaulters challenging Mondo at the IFU arena complete

France’s Thibaut Collet joins the ranks of world-class jumpers already set for the Mondo Classic on February 2nd. In 2022, Thibaut Collet became French indoor and outdoor pole vault champion and also set a personal best of 5.82 meters. One of the audience favorites from Mondo’s pole vaulting gala last February, the Greek Emmanuel Karalis will be the 11th jumper entering the competition.


Renaud Lavillenie was ready to participate in the Mondo Classic 2023, but unfortunately an injury has now put an end to his entire indoor season. A not yet fully healed hamstring injury prevents participation. A piece of news that Renaud also shared via his social media channels tonight. However, he is determined to get back in good shape for the outdoor season with the 2023 WC in Budapest as his main goal.

– It is, of course, sad that Renaud is forced to give up the indoor season and Mondo Classic 2023 due to injury. He has been Mondo’s big idol since childhood and a mentor in recent years. But we wish him the best of luck with the outdoor season and the WC 2023 in Budapest. Of course, the door is open for Renaud to come and challenge Mondo on another occasion, says Peter Jonsson, project manager for Mondo Classic 2023

– At the same time, we are delighted that last year’s French champion, Thibaut Collet, is joining the competition. His performance trend points straight up. Just like in Mondo’s case, with father Greg Duplantis, Thibaut is also trained by a father who belonged to the world elite in pole vaulting (Philippe Collet), says Peter Jonsson.

This means that the full participant list for Mondo Classic 2023 looks like this:

  • Armand Duplantis SWE
  • Sam Kendricks USA
  • KC Lightfoot USA
  • Ernest Obiena PHL
  • Thiago Braz BRA
  • Bo Kanda Lita Baehre GER
  • Ben Broeders BEL
  • Kurtis Marschall AUS
  • Pål Haugen Lillefosse NOR
  • Emmanuel Karalis GRC
  • Thibaut Collet FRA

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Peter Jonsson, Project manager Mondo Classic 2023, Upsala IF Friidrott
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Henrik Wennberg, Sports manager, Upsala IF Friidrott
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The world class pole vaulters challenging Mondo in the Mondo Classic 2023

Among the ten pole vaulters who will come to the IFU arena to challenge Mondo in his own pole vault gala on home soil – Mondo Classic 2023 – are many Olympic and World Cup medalists. The majority of them participated in the 2022 year’s pole vault gala, but in addition there are a couple of new interesting pole vaulters on the 2023 participant list; Kurtis Marschall (Aus), winner of the 2022 Commonwealth Games, and Bo Kanda Lita Baehre (Ger) who finished in the same result as 4th placed Thiago Braz (5.87m) at the WC finals in Oregon last summer.


It is once again an extremely well-merited field of Olympic and WC-medalists who will come to Uppsala on 2 February 2023.

Sam Kendricks (U.S), KC Lightfoot (U.S), Pål Haugen Lillefosse (Nor), Thiago Braz (Bra) and Ernest Obiena (Phi) are some of the world class pole vaulters that will return to the IFU Arena in 2023 to challenge Mondo for the victory. Notably, Ernest Obiena was the only pole vaulter to beat Mondo in the 2022 outdoor season, with a jump of 5.91m in his final attempt at the Diamond Leauge Gala in Brussels. In the WC finals in Oregon, Obiena set a new Asian pole vault record of 5.94 cm and secured the bronze medal.

The full entry list for Mondo Classic 2023 is expected to be finalized in early January.

For more information, contact:
Peter Jonsson, Project manager Mondo Classic, Upsala IF Friidrott
Mobil: +46(0)70 986 02 32, e-post:

Henrik Wennberg, Sports manager, Upsala IF Friidrott
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Mondo's pole vault gala returns in 2023

Following an amazing outdoor season, with a World Championship gold and a new world record, Mondo Duplantis returns to the indoor arenas in the beginning of 2023. Ten of the world’s best pole vaulters will come to Uppsala, Sweden, to challenge Mondo in ”Mondo Classic” on his home arena, IFU Arena, in Uppsala on 2 February 2023.


Upsala IF Athletics club will arrange the pole vault competition ”Mondo Classic” in cooperation with the titel sponsor Beijer Byggmaterial AB, Puma, Omega and several other sponsors. ”Mondo Classic” is a part of World Athletics World Indoor Tour program 2023.  The participating pole vaulters are world class, with some new participants in 2023 compared to this year’s competition.

– It will not only be a world class pole vault competition, but a 2.5 hours gala event. The spectators in the arena will experience something magical. There will be a festive atmosphere with spotlights, music , film clips and a specially designed arena. This is something that the pole vaulters say inspires them to jump really high, says the project manager for the ”Mondo Classic”, Peter Jonsson Uppsala IF Athletics club.

IFU arena ( ) can host up to 2500 spectators. The pole vault track will be centrally placed in the arena, which will create an augmented feeling of closeness to the track and the competing pole vaulters.

– Once again, it will be a fantastic evening in Uppsala, with the world’s best pole vaulters competing and entertaining. There will be twice as many spectator seats in 2023 compared to this year’s event, which gives more people an opportunity to see world class pole vaulters compete in what we believe will be the best pole vault gala indoors 2023, says Henrik Wennberg, Sports manager Upsala IF Athletics club

IFU arena pole vault track proved to be excellent for high pole vaults. The 2022 competition was the first indoor competition in history in which three men cleared 5.92 m or higher. Mondo won the competition with a new world leading result of 6.04 m and he was close to clear a new world record. In addition, the Norwegian pole vaulter Pål Haugen Lillefosse jumped a new national record with 5.81 m.

For more information, contact:
Peter Jonsson, Project manager Mondo Classic, Upsala IF Friidrott
Mobil: +46(0)70 986 02 32, e-post:

Henrik Wennberg, Sports manager, Upsala IF Friidrott
Mobil: +46(0)70 643 82 14, e-post:

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